Branching Out

I’m a huge fan of the outdoors, but don’t get me wrong: this girl loves gold!

It’s amazing what some simple branches and a can of spray paint can do! If you like this look, follow the easy steps below:

1. Gather a collection of branches. I took advantage of a beautiful winter day at my parents house up north for these. Tip: try to find branches with smoother bark (it really makes the metallic pop!)


2. Either lay them evenly over something you don’t mind getting spray paint on, or do as I did, and hold them in a cluster over the balcony (just be cautious of wind!)

3. Using the highest gloss metallic gold spray paint you can find (I got mine at Hobby Lobby), give the branches a light even layer. Repeat, making sure all surfaces are covered.


4. Once dry, you are done! I put mine in a matte white vase (also which I spray painted), but these would look good just about anywhere!



Have fun!


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